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The best laid plans…

This picture represents what I love about ritual and manifesting.

I had big plans for #Walpurgisnacht for in the yard. The weather was not in my favor, the rain was unrelenting.

I wanted to open myself up for messages during this liminal time while staring into the bonfire I had planned.

I decided to work a spell on the fly. I anointed a purple candle with oil and carvings for opening my minds eye to messages. I did the same with a blue candle for communication.

I broke the purple candle and chuckled to myself as I used the flame to put it back together. A fitting reminder that you can always work to fix your connection to messages from spirit. It’s also a reminder that magick is what you make it. It’s not fancy tools and planned out ceremonies all the time. It’s working with what you got and focusing your intentions. Enjoy the space between! #walpurgisnacht #hexxennacht #beltane #mayday #attractwhatyouwanthowyouwantit

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