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Spring Energy: Eat it up!

I love this time of year. The energy of the world waking after Winter is palpable.

I decided to harness this energy and celebrate the return of Spring by growing microgreens. Microgreens are nutrient dense sprouts that are easy to grow. They are perfect for adding flavor to salads or whatever your culinary creativity dictates.  I started with a spicy blend and added greens from English muffins, pizza, salads, and pasta dishes.  I even found myself grabbing a handful to snack on.

There’s a few ways to grow them at home.  You can use good ole dirt, mason jars, or what I used:  muslin bags.

I soaked 6 tablespoons in filtered water for 8 hours.  I focused positive energy and my intentions into these seeds.

I placed the seeds in the bag and let them hang to dry.  It’s important to let the seeds get plenty of air circulation.

I soaked the seeds in water for about a minute twice daily and returned them to a rack to air out.

After a few days, I had a bag full spicy sprouts to enjoy.

This is a labor of love and requires some work.   I enjoyed connecting with my food through nurturing and growing it.  I appreciated it.  I thanked it for the Spring energy it provided me.

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