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Protect Your Energy

Tonight, I was standing in the shower processing the day, the week and thought to myself as so many of us have about how exhausting living in relentlessly unprecedented times is. Relentlessly….Unprecedented

We all need to take the time to protect our energy.  We are impacted by our environment, our thoughts, other people, and a multitude of other factors.  Your armor wears thin.  Your shields fail.  You need to take steps to restore yourself.  You are a sacred component of this universe.  The vibes you give off have a ripple effect.

Protecting your energy and finding your peace is how you do your part to bring order to this chaos.

Take up space.

Talk to someone.

Don’t talk to anyone.

Be kind.

Be open.

Your journey is not their journey. Their journey is not yours. Sometimes you have to step back and let it happen.

Be the vision of peace this world needs.



Be still.

Remember that it’s ok to do nothing.

Eat the fries or the salad.

Stop judging yourself.

Stop judging others.

Enjoy life.

Share a meal with friends.

Reflect on your strengths.

Do your shadow work.

Turn off the news.

Shut off your phone.

Be present for yourself.

There are an infinite number of ways to restore yourself.  Find your own way to protect your energy.  Let others protect theirs and respect their way.

Be good to each other.

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