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Spring Equinox

The other night, I was walking the dogs and I could smell Spring in the air. That crisp sent off fresh possibilities.

We are just coming out of the dark, cold Winter.  We have spent time reflecting and resting.  It is time to break through to the light and grow.

There’s so many ways to engage with this time of year. You don’t need elaborate rituals or to spend unnecessary money.

Walk in nature - tune out tech, even if it’s for 30 minutes.

Plant seeds.  Set your intentions into these plants and watch them manifest as they grow.  Check the Farmer’s Almanac and learn to plant and harvest in time with lunar cycles.

Open the windows and doors!  Get some Spring cleaning done.

Wash down your doors and windows with Florida Water. Welcome the new energy in.

Dance. Celebrate movement after months of slumber.

Meditate and reflect on how you have grown and in which direction you continue to grow.

Get out and socialize.  Spend time with those who radiate positive energy and help raise your vibration.

Join a community clean up. Bring the good vibes into hometown.

How will you celebrate the return of Spring? What are your Ostara rituals? Share in the comments.

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