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On the hunt for a new home? Check this spell out.

Spell for Finding the Perfect Home for You

When: Waxing Gibbous - I like Fridays since it’s Venus’ Day and a home is built on love


Incense for smoke cleanse

Brown Candle to represent hearth and home

Green Candle for abundance

White Candle for divination and to charge the spell

Best red wine - We’re inviting Hestia to this party and we need an offering to thank her

Bay Leaf

A key - it can be an old skeleton key or one you don’t use

Purple string for intuition

Amethyst for loyalty and a peaceful home

Quartz to charge the spell

Pyrite to bring in abundance and money

Smoky Quartz for protection

Coffee - grounds or beans to speed the spell along

Oregano for comfort and a joyful home

Basil for luck, money, and a harmonious home

Cinnamon for luck, money, and manifestation

Lavender for a peaceful home

Rosemary for protection

Ace of Pentacles for new opportunities, new beginnings, abundance, and manifestation

10 of Cups for fulfillment of dreams,material abundance, joy in relation to family

  1. Smoke cleanse the area, your altar, and your tools.

  2. Poor a glass of red wine and invite Hestia in, Feel free to imbibe. Invite your ancestors in and share the wine with them. Bring in the warmth of a family party to set the vibe right. I like to do this in the kitchen, the hearth, the heart of the home,

  3. Write on the Bay leaf what you wish to manifest - write the area you wish to live. If you know the address, use that. Put the date when this will manifest. You can also write words like “sanctuary” or “roots” Pick words that represent what you want in a home.

  4. Charge your brown candle with oil. You can use a luck oil or divination oil, whatever you feel works best. You can also carve the names of those who will live in this home or other goals for the perfect home. Set this candle in the center of your tray.

  5. Charge your green candle with oil. You can use money drawing oil to amplify your work. Place the candle next to the brown candle.

  6. Charge your white candle with oil and set the intention to power the spell and help with divination. You can use divination oil if you have.

  7. Place the amethyst, quartz, pyrite, and smoky quarts on your tray around the candles.

  8. Light your candles.

  9. Add coffee beans or grounds around your main candle.

  10. Sprinkle oregano around the candles.

  11. Sprinkle basil around the candles.

  12. Sprinkle cinnamon around the candles.

  13. Sprinkle lavender around the candles.

  14. Sprinkle rosemary around the candles.

    1. You can use fresh or dried herbs. If using fresh, bundle together in a small bouquet

  15. Place the Ace of Pentacles near the tray and away from fire.

  16. Place the X of Cups near the tray as well.

  17. Tie the purple string to your key.

  18. Set your intention into the key - “This key is my charm and will help me trust my  self to find my perfect home. I am worthy of a safe home filled with love, happiness, and abundance” Say out loud what you want in your home. Finally say “When these candles burn out this spell is over and my key is charged with my intention to find the perfect home for me.”

  19. Focus on your working and see yourself in your perfect home. Think in terms that you already are there. Feel the comfort of sitting peacefully in your sanctuary.

  20. Burn the Bay leaf and let the wind carry the ashes with your wishes to manifestation.

Keep the key with you as you seek out your new home.  Use it as your charm to guide you. And as your gut!

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