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Kitchen Witchery - Breakfast

It’s the most important meal of the day and the perfect opportunity to start your day with magick. I wanted to show you how I turn the mundane act of breakfast into a ritual filled with intention.

I start every day with coffee. Coffee boosts the power of spells. Each morning, I stir in some cinnamon to my coffee. Cinnamon also helps to boost your spell’s power. It can also help bring about abundance. I have a small ritual spoon that has citrine on its handle. Citrine helps draw in wealth, joy, and abundance. It’s helps to dispel negative thoughts. What great energies to start your day with. As I stir my coffee, I set my intentions for the day. I change it every day based on what I want to get out of the day ahead. I usually say something like “I accomplish all that I set out to do. I have an abundance of love and wealth. I share this abundance with others. My days are successful and I am content. So mote it be or something better.”

You can tailor this to suit your day. There’s so many plant allies that you can infuse your coffee or tea with. Experiment and see what works best for you. Keep track of your results. The ritual is yours and it will help your achieve the day you want, how you want it.

I have been trying to eat a bit healthier these days. I started making oatmeal each day, the Irish kind that you simmer for half an hour. It’s got great heart benefits and is an excellent source of fiber. It dawned on me that this was another mundane ritual that I could take from mundane to magickal.

Oats are use in spells to bring in abundance. They can also be used for fertility workings. As I simmer the oats, I envision the abundance that they bring. I add salt to absorb negative energy. I add cracked black pepper to block negative energy. I am currently studying for a certification (in the mundane world, I am a clinical pharmacist), so I added rosemary to boost my memory. I also added time for the courage to trust that I am capable of passing this exam. I love experimenting with different herbs in oatmeal. The flavors add so much to this bland breakfast without adding sugar, while adding magick.

You can customize this ritual act of feeding your body and spirit. Try different plant and fruit allies based on what you want to achieve. Explore the multitude of ways you can take your daily morning meal to a higher level - your highest self. Start your day attracting what you want, how you want it.

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