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Gratitude Spell

One of our dogs recently got away from his trainer. One of my worst fears was coming through.  I begged and pleaded with every ancestor, spirit guide, and whoever would listen.

Within minutes of my request was answered. I did the spell below to offer my gratitude.

You will need:

Frankincense/Myrrh incense

White Candle as an offering to those who intervened

Blue Candle for communication and healing

Purple Candle for opening psychic connection

Carving tool

Oil to charge candle

Offerings (coffee, alcohol, dog treats)


Rose quartz


Write down your thanks to the known and unknown

  1. Prepare yourself to communicate with the spirits. Make some tea and relax.  I like dandelion tea for opening up my psychic eye.

  2. Light your incense and with purpose, smoke cleanse your tools, your workspace, your self.

  3. Take the white candle and carve who you are showing gratitude. You can also add words that represent gratitude.

  4. Charge the white candle with oil while saying “I thank those who interceded on my behalf.”

  5. Carve words of symbols that represent communication. I also used this candle for healing.  To heal my anger about the situation and the anxiety it caused me.

  6. Charge the blue candle with oil and say “I open communication so that you may hear my words of gratitude.”

  7. Take the purple candle and carve words or symbols that represent psychic communication.

  8. Charge the candle with oil while saying “I open my mind to hear you, to see you, to feel you. My thanks to you.”

  9. Light the candles

  10. Arrange the crystals around the candles and focus on their energies. I also added moon water to charge my offering. I added salt to absorb negativity and to represent the element of earth.

  11. Place your offerings of thanks around the candles.  If they have special meaning to the spirits you are thanking, remember them. I offered coffee, alcohol, and dog treats. I truly called on everyone for help!

  12. Express your gratitude. Thank the known and unknown who are you expressing gratitude to.

  13. Focus on the offering table and open yourself up to hear the messages.

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