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False Idols

Thou shalt not have false idols. I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately. We all have heroes, people we look up to and want to emulate. This is normal and healthy to have something to strive for.

Where we get lost is when we start placing too much importance on any one person. Politicians, actors, influencers, etc. should not replace the most important person we should be worshipping - ourselves.

Imagine if we took the energy we put into adoring others and focused it on ourselves. How much personal growth could we achieve if diverted that focus from social media creators? What can you manifest if you spent 15 minutes less reading gossip posts and meditated on achieving your highest self?

I am not saying to let your spiritual self become malnourished. Spend time communicating with your higher powers. Feed your soul. Make magick happen. Idolize yourself and manifest what you want, how you want It.

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