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Overcoming Winter Doldrums by Creating Your Own Florida Water

I was in a bit of a winter funk and needed something to lift my spirits.  I made my own Florida Water for the first time and it was a perfect mood lift. Working with the bright energy of citrus, selecting herbs with intention, while creating something helped me get out of my funk.

I followed a traditional recipe and made my own adaptations.  You will need alcohol (vodka or Ever Clear work well), citrus fruit, herbs, essential oils, and a jar to store it all in.

I started with 3 clementine oranges, 2 limes, and a lemon.  I worked with what I had at the time. I set my intention. I peeled the fruit and could feel the energy they stored.  I saved the fruit and squeezed the juice into a pitcher of water to drink later.

I added 4 cups of vodka to the jar and placed the peels inside. I watched as the peels floated around and continued to feed my intentions to this creation.

I added 3 cinnamon sticks to add energy, for balance and prosperity.

I added 9 cloves for protection, hex breaking, and to bolster authority.

Dry jasmine was added for self-work, happiness and to boost sexual energy.

Dried rose petals to attract love, trust and maintain dignity.

I snipped fresh rosemary sprigs from the garden and added them for honesty, confidence, and open communication.

I harvested some fresh lavender from the garden to reduce anxiety and to boost peace and stability.

I dropped in 3 star anise to strengthen awareness and divination as well as to boost the water’s energy.

I sprinkled in some dried lavender flowers to help increase intuition, spark inspiration, and for dream work.

Dried mint was added to heighten awareness, warmth and creativity.

I selected dried lemongrass for purification, to leverage lust, and repel negative energy.

I added 9 drops of geranium oil to cleanse my aura, strengthen social skills, and to open the heart.

I topped off the jar with 91% rubbing alcohol.  I placed a small piece of plastic warp over the top and screwed the lid on tightly.

I marked the date on the top.  I plan to place it under the new moon of the Lunar New Year to absorb the energy.  It will be stored for 2 weeks and occasionally shaken.

After soaking up the energy of the contents, it will be strained through a muslin bag. The decanted liquid will be used as my personal Florida Water filled with my intention and energy.

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