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A Spell to Restore Social Media Account

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

One of us had their email hacked and that triggered our business social media accounts to be disabled as one of our admins was compromised.

I crafted this spell to open communication with support and deflect all negative energy.

I cleansed my space with smoke and set my intentions to restore our IG access.

I drew a sigil using the phrase “Enable My Access.”

I printed a sheet with social media icons and drew my sigil on the back.

I like to tear the edges of my sigil to activate it.

I poured salt to absorb negative energy in the center and placed black tourmaline on it.

I carved words of my intentions for open communication on a blue candle.  I dressed this with Instant Gratification oil to speed communication.

I carved words of protection and defection of negativity on a black candle.  I dressed this candle with Van Van oil to open blocked roads.

I lit the candles and meditated on my intentions to restore access.  I set my spell in motion and set a time when I envisioned it to be success.  I set my intention that support will help resolve my issue by next day.

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