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A Spell to Protect our Democracy

We are in a troubling period of our country's history. The spell I performed below helped me regain a feeling of control over my world and infused me with new hope that the best we can offer as a community will prevail.

I always set the mood for my workings by having some tea, putting my noise canceling earbuds in and listening to any of my spell casting playlists.

I smoke cleansed my space, my tools, and myself.


4 Star Anise

4 Cloves

Blue Candle

White Candle

Black Candle

Tool to carve candles

Oil to dress candles - I used Van Van oil for success and overcoming obstacles. I truly believe in working with what you have and this just happened to be nearby and fit my needs. You can use olive oil or whatever you have - just set your intention into it.

You can do this on Tuesday or during the Mars hour - we are going to war against injustice!

Carve words or symbols into your candles that represent your intentions. For the blue candle, I used “freedom” “democracy” and “equality.” For the white candle, I chose “protection” “good” and “safe.” For the black candle “banish negativity” “protection” and “power.”

The blue candle is the main candle.  As I lit it, I said “Our democracy is protected by the good. We overcome injustice, racism, transphobia, homophobia, and loss of freedom. We have autonomy over our bodies, minds, and spirits. We are united against those that seek to harm our society.”

As I lit the white candle, I said, “Power this spell so that I may manifest protection of our rights and freedoms.”

As I lit the black candle, I said “I banish all negativity. I banish those that wish to lessen the value of others in our community.”  I also envisioned that politicians and other players who are trying to destroy our country vanishing.

I place a Star Anise at each cardinal direction for protection and success.  I placed a clove between each to bolster manifestation.

I placed my hands over the candles and charged them with my intentions of protecting our democracy, our rights, and our freedoms.  I meditated on the ideals of a utopian society where all are equal and have what they need.

Start by bringing peace and justice to your little part of the world and let it radiate out from there.

As always, be safe. Do not leave your candles burning unattended.

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