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Rose Soap Glamour Spell

Rose Soap Glamour Spell

Rose Soap Glamour Spell


Wash your face with this soap when you need to increase your outer beauty and boost your self-confidence.

Light some candles to set the mood.

Purify your space with incense.

Study your face in a mirror. Look deep into your eye. See your beauty.. Invoke your self-confidence to project your beauty for all to see.


As you wash repeat: “I see the beauty in others and in me. I attract what I want how I want. So mote it be!”


Your confidence will reveal your inner beauty to all around you. Use Moon water for an added boost.


This vegetable glycerine soap has been made with:

Rose oil and Rose Petals for love and glamour.

Sandalwood oil to make wishes come true.

Jasmine oil to attract spiritual love.

Rose quartz for love of self.

Sage to build emotional strength.

Rosemary for its aphrodisiac powers and to boost this spell’s strength.

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