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Prosperity Intention Candle

Prosperity Intention Candle

Prosperity Candle


These candles are created and charged on Jupiter’s day (Thursday) to attract and grow prosperity, wealth, and abundance.  Whether you are paying off a credit card or building your empire,  these candles will help you achieve your intentions. Be safe - never leave these candles unattended.

These candles are dressed with stones, herbs, and oils to attract prosperity.

Citrine is the Merchant’s Stone.  It’s gold color manifests abundance.  This stone helps acquire and maintain wealth.

Rose Quartz is used to strengthen self-love. You need to love yourself in order to accept abundance into your life.

Basil is a strong attractant of money.

Cinnamon is used in magik for wealth and money spells. It attracts prosperity.

Ginger works hot and fast in spells. It brings an explosion of success and prosperity.

Betony bestows security.

Bay Leaves promote success in business and employment. Want that raise? Keep a bay leaf in your pocket when you ask for it.

Chamomile protects you from financial misfortune.  It opens the door to prosperity.

Peppermint Oil attracts money.  Keep some peppermint leaves in your wallet to keep it full!

Rosemary Oil - Rosemary grows in full Sun and has an assertive scent.  The Sun brings prosperity and gold.  Be assertive like rosemary in business and financial decisions.

Lemongrass Oil attracts prosperity.

Finally, we use our own money oil blend that we have created for a final touch!

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