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Florida Water

Florida Water

This magickal tonic has been used for everything from cologne to cleansings to boosting spells. Our Florida water is created intention and develops fur the duration of a lunar cycle. Use this externally or pour into a bath for self cleansing. Spray it on doors, windows, and mirrors to protect your space. Mist in the area around you to cleanse the energy.

Do not ingest and do not use near an open flame. This spray has a very high alcohol content.

Our Florida Water is made with orange, lemon, and lime peels to imbue the positive energy of the Sun.

This recipe that we developed also includes:

3 cinnamon sticks to add energy, for balance and prosperity

9 cloves for protection, hex breaking, and to bolster authority

Dry jasmine was added for self-work, happiness and to boost sexual energy

Dried rose petals to attract love, trust and maintain dignity

Fresh rosemary sprigs from the garden for honesty, confidence, and open communication

Fresh lavender harvested from the garden to reduce anxiety and to boost peace and stability

3 star anise to strengthen awareness and divination as well as to boost the water’s energy

Dried lavender flowers to help increase intuition, spark inspiration, and for dream work

Dried mint added to heighten awareness, warmth and creativity

Dried lemongrass for purification, to leverage lust, and repel negative energy

9 drops of geranium oil to cleanse my aura, strengthen social skills, and to open the heart

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