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Love Intention Candle

Love Intention Candle

Love Candle - Light on Friday


These candles are created and charged on Venus’ day (Friday) to attract, grow, and strengthen love.  Whether it is self-love or love of others these candles will help you achieve your intentions. Be safe - never leave these candles unattended.

These candles are dressed with stones, herbs, and oils to strengthen love.

Lapis Lazuli for interpersonal harmony

Moon Stone for luck in love

Red Agate for stability, security, and confidence in relationships

Rose Quartz for unconditional love

Rosemary, sacred to Aphrodite, promotes fidelity and removes jealousy

Patchouli draws passionate love

Sandalwood establishes an atmosphere of love

Jasmine acts as an aphrodisiac

Geranium promotes peace and love

Basil drives men wild

Thyme promotes affection, love and deep friendship

Yarrow is used for everlasting love

Lavender for devotion and undying love

Oregano brings joy and happiness

Betony heightens sexual attraction

Ginger is used to enhance love spells

Mullein brings peace and prosperity to marriages

Dandelion reignites love’s spark

And rose for passion


The most important thing to remember when working with your candle is that it is a tool to focus your intentions. Keep the result that you desire in your thoughts. Think of your goal in the present tense.  Instead of “I will be a success in business”, use “My business is successful.” Speak in terms that show you have it.


Safety comes before all else.  Do not leave the candle burning unattended. Trim the wick before lighting your candle.When you are done working with your candle.  Snuff it out.  Do not blow it out.  You do not want to blow away your intentions!

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